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Natural White Vinegar 5l - Pack of 2 Cleaning Pickling Marinations & Cooking

Natural White Vinegar 5l - Pack of 2 Cleaning Pickling Marinations & Cooking

Natural White Vinegar 5l - Pack of 2 Cleaning Pickling Marinations & Cooking

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  • Cleaning: Vinegar has been used over the years as a natural cleaning agent no better way to be environmentally friendly way to clean your house
  • Baking: White vinegar can be used alongside baking soda as a leavening agent for baked goods. The acidic vinegar reacts with the alkaline baking soda and releases carbon dioxide gas that helps baked goods rise
  • Weed Killer: Rid your garden of troublesome weeds by using our natural white vinegar as a weed killer, effective and safe!
  • Marinades and Sauces: White vinegar gives an extra zing of flavor to marinades and sauces. In marinades, the acid in the vinegar also functions as a tenderizing agent for meats, seafood and vegetables
  • Pickles: When paired with pickling spices and water, white vinegar makes a great base for crafting a wide array of quick pickles, including vegetables, fruits and eggs
Produced in the UK, Jocker Woods Natural White Vinegar 2x5 litre bottle is particularly useful in getting rid of Garden Weeds, Odours, Limescale to name a few while having none of the side effects which are typically associated with cleaning products since it leaves NO nasty toxic chemicals and fumes behind. Furthermore, our Vinegar can be used as a fabric softener when it comes to laundry. Not only does it achieve that 'Whiter than White' look but also causing no adverse damage to your washing machine or the environment. Comes in a 2x5-litre bottle and is delivered to your door quickly and safely by the ever efficient Amazon own logistical team ensuring that you can start enjoying our White Vinegar no time! At Jocker Woods we produce our own White Vinegar exclusively for sale on Amazon - What about taking it out in the garden and putting it to use out there, use it as an environmentally friendly way to remove weeds, its the ultimate pet-friendly weed remover! Jocker Woods the number one for for all your vinegar needs.

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