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10X Magnifying Glass with Cleaning Cloth 100mm/4 Inch Handheld Large Magnify

10X Magnifying Glass with Cleaning Cloth 100mm/4 Inch Handheld Large Magnify

10X Magnifying Glass with Cleaning Cloth 100mm/4 Inch Handheld Large Magnify

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  • Big Lens, Big Field of View-The 100mm/4inch super large lens can provide a larger field of view, display more content, and reduce eye fatigue.
  • 10X HD Zoom-10X real magnification, thick and high-transparent optical grade glass lens, high precision, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Display excellent images without distortion. Warm tip: 10 times magnification for the optical magnification, the actual object magnification effect of about 4 times, not objects have 10 times the magnification effect.
  • Rubber Non-slip Handle-The handle is made of rubber. It is non-slip and will not hurt your hands. It feels soft and comfortable.
We are always looking for a magnifying glass that is big enough and high enough magnification. The large mirror surface can display more content and larger images, and high magnification can show more details and clearer. No need to worry about tiny prints anymore, the glasses will not be tired from watching small images for a long time, which is why we are looking for this magnifying glass. 100mm super-large mirror, 10x super clear magnification effect, and our carefully choose lens cleaning cloth, wow! What else is more perfect than this product? The frame of the entire magnifying glass is made of natural rubber, and the rubber handle is soft and non-slip. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable holding experience. The thickened frame can better protect the lens from collision damage. When every morning, hand your father this oversized magnifying glass and newspaper and then give him a cup of coffee, I think his day should be very fulfilling. Give your children a magnifying glass and tell them how wonderful the world outside is, and let them go out and explore nature. Away from the noise of the child, you finally have time, sit down in peace, pick up the magnifying glass on the table, and enjoy your collection of jewelry, antiques and some, um. . . Something that may not be known in a mess. right?

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